Large Bristol Blue Glass Rolling Pin – Regency to Early Victorian



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Large Bristol blue glass rolling pin.

Regency to early Victorian, with inscription For Get Me Not, & ‘The loss in gold is great, the loss in time is more, but losing Christ is such a loss, that no man can restore’

These rolling pins were often purchased by sailors as love tokens for their sweethearts, & filled with a variety of items such as cocoa, baking powder but most popular was salt,(a heavily taxed item in Regency times, making it a welcome gift). Sometimes they were filled with ribbons and beads for a trousseau. Sometimes sailors would fill them with prohibited French brandy or rum to smuggle back home.

Many superstitions surrounded these rolling pins, so they were used as a lucky charm on board ship, or if it broke, a sailor might never return, or he may be lost to another woman. In the home, they were hung by the fireside to keep the salt dry.

35cm long, 5.5cm diameter

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